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Other Projects

Dive into more related projects by Holy Water.

The Grove Hotel

Sarah Haywood

Dead Man's Fingers


The rituals of food and drink form the cornerstone of humanity. They move our hearts and touch our spirit. It’s how we communicate love and identity. Let’s do some good, while doing something good.

Adam McVay



The art of partying

As the selected bar operators of UK leading party planners, we work closely with Lillingston to offer our high end beverage service for a whole plethora of celebrations.

Holy Water creates bespoke cocktail menus, provides top bartenders and a style of service that makes each event the best it can be. 

Year: 2019 - Present

Extravagant birthdays

An extravaganza like no other at Belcombe Court in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside.

Luxurious. Classic. Joyful.

Understated Elegance: A Wedding in Tuscany

Bar service and drinks embracing the ingredients, flavours and style of the ultimate romantic locale, elevated with the expertise and innovative approach of Holy Water.


Simple, cool, romantic

Explosion of Colour

A late night affair projecting decadence and exuberance in a raucous Cabaret-style birthday celebration.


 A sexy cocktail-fuelled dance through to the early hours.

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