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Garden to Glass

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“With their international experience, they dug deep into the heritage of  The Grove and unearthed this unique, natural, deeper way to ‘bring the outside in’.

The Grove Hotel

Holy Water consultancy programme

  • Develop the style of service, sound and mood.

  • Menu concept

  • Bar and glassware

  • Improve staff knowledge, skills and approach to service.

  • Advise on product list, supply chain and streamline operations



Garden to Glass

The Grove Hotel asked us to update and modernise the offering at their principal bar, The Glasshouse.

After foraging the grounds and exploring the famed Walled Garden of the hotel we arrived at ‘Garden to Glass’ as the guiding ethos for the project.

For this we created a cocktail list focused on sustainable leaves, berries and fruits sourced from the onsite garden. The bar team were inspired to get creative with produce and work closely with the hotel’s gardeners. 


Holy Water’s consultancy set the new benchmark for the bar, and  kept true to the brand’s essence, while also linking to hyperlocal movement in sourcing ingredients.

Year: 2016 - Present

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