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Taking the taste further

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Liberty - The Hideout

Nespresso - Mixology


The rituals of food and drink form the cornerstone of humanity. They move our hearts and touch our spirit. It’s how we communicate love and identity. Let’s do some good, while doing something good.

Adam McVay

Holy Water consultancy programme

  • Supplying ingredients, knowledge and expertise.

  • ​Mixology bar created inside a Woodcutter’s cabin.

  • ​Bespoke cocktail list created to shine new light on maple syrup.


Taking the taste further

Clark’s briefed Holy Water to showcase the appeal, quality and versatility of maple syrup to a wider audience.

Using maple syrup as the hero ingredient we crafted a bespoke cocktail menu to be served at the UK’s leading food festival - Taste of London.

Year: 2019


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