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Have your cake and drink it

Other Projects

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Bently Heritage

Nespresso - Mixology

Liberty - The Hideout

The rituals of food and drink form the cornerstone of humanity. They move our hearts and touch our spirit. It’s how we communicate love and identity. Let’s do some good, while doing something good.

Adam McVay


Dessert cocktails

The ask was to design cocktails based on classic desserts while highlighting Bottlegreen's range of cordials. 


We created a fusion of classic desserts and cocktails, showcasing the versatility and taste that Bottlegreen cordials offer.

Liquid riffs on the likes of Bakewell Tart, Apple Strudel and the indulgent Black Forest Gateaux, gave home ‘mixologists’ with the inspiration and instructions to test them out in their own surroundings.

Year: 2017 - Present


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