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Express the story, vision, and flavours of Bently Heritage

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The rituals of food and drink form the cornerstone of humanity. They move our hearts and touch our spirit. It’s how we communicate love and identity. Let’s do some good, while doing something good.

Adam McVay

Holy Water consultancy programme

  • Signature cocktail list to express the quality and identity of the spirits to the fullest.

  • Definitive signature serves to guarantee a lasting impression from the first sip.

  • Roadmap for promotional live brand experiences to express the spirit of the brand.

  • Distillery tasting room launch event to reveal Juniper Grove gin and Source One vodka to the world




Expressing the story

Bently Heritage is an estate distillery Focused on growing grains sustainably for their products on their own Sierra ranch. A deserted paper mill on the estate has been restored into a world-class distilling facility, where a passionate team of experts create spirits of the ultimate quality.

Holy Water’s role was to express the story, vision and flavours of Bently Heritage by creating signature cocktails and serves, as well as launch events and a roadmap for promotional live experience – all synced with the brand’s ethos.

Year: 2019

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