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The rituals of food and drink form the cornerstone of humanity. They move our hearts and touch our spirit. It’s how we communicate love and identity. Let’s do some good, while doing something good.

Adam McVay

Remove carbon. Restore nature. Help reverse climate breakdown.

Belu, a contribution from all the water and mixers we serve, or use in our products goes towards WaterAid to provide clean drinking water for all.

Providing a community for all women battling with breast cancer.

Conscious about our planet, and our sustainable life cycle reflects that. We make products using natural ingredients but also using sustainable business practices that do not harm the environment.

Join Sapling on their journey to plant 1,000,000 trees by 2027. This is backed up by a commitment by them to donate 5% or more of their annual revenue towards tree planting projects.

Collaborators we admire for purpose and love:



Rituals of food and drink form the cornerstone for humanity. However, our industry lacks mindfulness and respect for mother earth. It is our common goal to be forward thinkers and continuously set new standards in sustainability, fair trade and diverse employment.


We must reassess and refocus.


Holy Water is committed to measuring the footprint across our operations. We not only offset it but constantly work towards improvement throughout the supply chain. Our target is simply to produce a live experience using sustainable, methods, ingredients and products with zero waste.


We select partners who share our values.


Equally, it is key to give back to the people. The Holy Water Academy is a work-in-progress platform with training opportunities for those looking for a start or needing a new beginning. It is a chance to learn from the best whilst working at the highest calibre events and become connected to the world-leading London hospitality scene. Our development lab will provide an entry into the world of distilling, brewing and flavour extraction for those who prefer the backstage environment.

Raise A Glass To The Deserving. 

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