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Nespresso - Mixology


Liberty - The Hideout

 Coffee mixology offers a chance of endless creativity by fusing the worlds of coffee and cocktails. Any artisan mixologist can benefit from the versatility of Nespresso coffee which adds different textures, flavours, depths and twists from classic cocktails to our own unique signature creations which have been co-created by our coffee expertise team and cocktail mixologist.

Marcelo Zanetti
Coffee Expertise Manager, Nespresso UK



Enrich the day-to-day

Nespresso also briefed us to explore and educate consumers on coffee’s wellbeing properties to further change perceptions around the drink.


​We answered the brief by creating a non-alcoholic, range of wellbeing beverages with the focus on Nespresso Decaf. 


The menu provides options for anytime of day, in different formats to inform consumers, increase their engagement and complement their lifestyle choices.​

​We included simple choices for the home, ready-made and bottled options for lifestyle venues  such as gyms or cinemas, as well as intricate & crafty crowdpleasers for bars & hotels.


The functional aspect of each drink was enhanced through collaboration with the renowned nutritionist Lindsey Jenkin.

Year: 2019

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